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From David Blevins <>
Subject Attacking M4
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 21:59:47 GMT
Alright, here is the deal on M4.  We have OSCON coming up and from my  
experience, if we don't get M4 out the door this week, then we won't  
see it till the week after OSCON.  I actually tried to cut M3 at  
OSCON last year and we all know how that went.

If we don't get M4 out the door this week, our hopes of having M5 by  
the 15th are lost.  Assuming we don't want this to happen, here is my  
attack plan:

=ATTACK PLAN==========


   - Undeployment issue (GERONIMO-812, David Jencks)
   - Snapshots (Javamail & Axis=>Dims, jUDDI & Scout=>Geir,  
ServiceMix=>Hiram, tmpOrb=>Dain)
   - Web Services startup issue (GERONIMO-785, David Blevins)
   - Corba interop problem (GERONIMO-813, Dain Sundstrom)
   - Izpack/Tomcat issue (GERONIMO-811, Unassigned)
   - Unknown CTS issues (need to clear up GERONIMO-812 to run it  

No sitting on tasks, if you are not going to do it, mark it unassigned.

Issue GERONIMO-811 is unassigned.  Can someone either remove the  
Tomcat option from the IzPack installer or add a the link to the wiki?

It seems GERONIMO-809 is actually completed, is that right?


We have to run the TCK on the final binary, which means we need to  
allow for a couple days of just testing the actual geronimo-1.0- that people will download.  To even get that far, we need to:

   1. [notes] Create release notes for M4 and check them into the QA  
   2. [svn] Close the QA branch and copy it to tags/v1_0_M4
   3. [dist] Cut and sign the binary and source distributions

We are going to need to be done with the remaining JIRA items above  
by like Wednesday (best) or Thursday morning in order to do the above  

I am willing to take care of the svn and dist work. Side-note: I have  
to go to a wedding on Friday, so I personally would like to shoot for  
Wednesday as Thursday night is too late for me.

Aaron, you willing to do the nice release notes like you did for M3?


Sound good to everyone?  Going to assume a lazy consensus otherwise.


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