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From "Matt Hogstrom" <>
Subject Re: TriFork/CORBA meeting minutes
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 00:49:52 GMT
Is someone actively working on the generic interfaces for wrapping the SSL
code?  IBM is also interested in supporting this effort as it would make the
IBM JDK a valid option as well as jRockit I'd suspect.  We'd like to make
sure we don't go off in the weeds to solve the same problem.


- Matt
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From: "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, July 08, 2005 3:54 PM
Subject: TriFork/CORBA meeting minutes

> A kickoff phone call meeting occured between TriFork and a few PMC
> members.
> July 8th 2005, 4:00pm GMT
> Attending:
> Kresten Krab Thorup - TriFork
> David Blevins
> Alan Cabrera
> Jeff Genender
> David Jenks
> Jacek Laskowski - had to leave early
> Geir Magnusson
> Aaron Mulder
> Dain Sundstrom
> Kresten explained some of the architectural bits of the TriFork CORBA
> server.  There is a CORBA core and on top of it is the RMI/IIOP bridge.
> They use CORBA interceptors and some interesting code for sockets.  The
> sockets code is like Tomcat's connectors.  TriFork currently uses JacORB
> to compile IDL.
> Integration work w/ OpenEJB would use existing standard OMG CORBA
> interfaces with the exception of the SSL code, where the OMG spec is
> deficient.  In this case a generic interface will be provided to make
> the code portable across different CORBA implementations.
> There was a discussion on how OpenEJB and Trifork handles the TX aspect
> of interop.  David Jenks mentioned that we don't currently support TX
> interop nor do we have a JTS TM, and that we would like to support
> interop but not necessarily JTS.  Kresten mentioned that JTS isn't quite
> adapted to support j2ca 1.5 TX inflow and that it would probably be
> plausible to wrap JTS around JTA although they currently do the reverse.
> The stages of work that were discussed were:
> stage 1: Extricate the CORBA server from the TriFork server.  This is
> what will be submitted for Geronimo incubation.  Kresten will be on
> vacation but he thinks that this will be ready in August.
> stage 2: Spruce up the code, e.g.
>  - integrate OpenEJB code
>  - add javadoc comments
>  - add documentation
>  - put in a keystore server
>  - spruce up I/O code (maybe use ActiveIO)
> stage 3: get ready to graduate!
> The idea of stage 2 is to have raw code put into the incubator where
> Kresten and the community can work together.
> The group recommended that the CORBA project be incubated in Geronimo
> with the goal that it become a sub-project of Geronimo.
> I'm sure I left out some interesting bits.  Please feel free to fill in
> the gaps.
> Regards,
> Alan

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