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From "Matt Hogstrom" <>
Subject Benchmark Sample Trade now Functional (mostly) on Geronimo
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 08:13:00 GMT

I've been working on getting Trade 6 deployed on Geronimo.  For those that
are not familiar, Trade 6 is a sample J2EE application provided by IBM on
their website for testing of J2EE AppServers for functionality as well as
performance.  You can find more information at this link:

You have to register to download the benchmark (sorry bout that) but
effectively Trade 6 provides a sample application that emulates a stock
trading storyline.  You can look at your portfolio, get quotes as well as
buy and sell stocks.  It is a configurable benchmark in that it allows the
user to configure its mode of operation to use:

* JSPs and JDBC for data access
* JSPs and EJBs for data access
* Confiugure Syncronous and Async 1 / 2 phase transactions and messaging
* Allows remote server access to be executed via WebServices or RMI.

Trade 6 also includes a number of "Primitives" that allow for testing
components individually including

* Servlets / JSPs
* HTTPSession objects with varying sizes
* Servlet 2 Session Beans
* Servlet 2 Entities including local and remote access
* Servlets to write messages
* Servlets that invoke 2-phase transation operations

I will be working through a set of performance measurements this week and
will post the results to the list when I have them complete as well as
either posting patches or soliciting some help to isolate and improve
performance issues.

I did modify Trade to remove the WebSphere specific caching code as its not
applicable in the J2EE 1.4 specification.

 Most everything works except:

* WebServices (I'll need Jencks to help me out with that)
* Not sure about MDBs.  I'm getting an NPE when initializing (I'll
investigate further tomorrow)

If you'd like to take a test ride you can access it here at:

No guarantees on availability but it should be ok.  If you have a problem
please let me know by sending to this e-mail address.

Please don't repopulate the database.  It works but is disruptive to other

Once the benchmark is fully functional I'll provide the DDs as a sample and
will provide a write up on the Geronimo Wiki.

BTW, I'm using DB2 as the database and the Geronimo version is based off of

SPECj2004 is also in progress.  I'm working with Gianny on a problem with
CMP / CMR field overlapping so that should be working soon as well.  I would
like to suggest that we make the fully functional execution of these two
benchmarks criteria for V1.0 since all other J2EE servers that I've tested
can run both of the benchmarks.

For info on SPECj2004 go here


- Matt

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