I agree that the thread allocation should be done by Geronimo.  When it comes to doing runtime tuning if every component has its own allocation scheme then tuning the runtime become pretty complicated.   I haven't looked at the threading model in Geronimo yet so I can't comment on the current implementation but having worked a number of commercial offerings tuning a number of thread pools or trying to chase them down makes management more difficult and frustrating. 
>I'm not sure about allocating them directly.  From my point of
view, I'd rather see all the thread pools through Geronimo, even if at the
present time we don't allow you to tweak them meaningfully.  It's much
nicer to see a fixed pool of 9 or 10 for CORBA than to see nothing and
know it's just doing something under the covers.
>On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> The CORBA implementation consumes 9 threads from the pool which with
>> default settings can cause the EJB transport to hang.
>> What is it using these threads for? Is there some bug which prevents
>> them being returned to the pool, or are these permanent threads it needs
>> and if so shouldn't it be allocating them directly?
>> --
>> Jeremy