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From Eddie ONeil <>
Subject Re: Geronimo-Beehive integration/support plans
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 16:27:09 GMT

  I can provide some perspective from the Beehive side...

  Beehive is currently working on JSR 181 support in a sub-project
called WSM (web service metadata) that targets the Axis stack. 
Annotated web services should run atop Geronimo + Axis (on a Java 5
VM) without any trouble, though I've not tried this yet and I'm sure
we'll run into an issue or two which we'll need to address.  :)

  Authoring the JSR-181 compliant POJO would definitely be easier than
dealing with the JAX-RPC complexity.  Today, Beehive creates an Axis
SOAPService at runtime, but we should be able to generate the JAX-RPC
artifacts at build time from the POJO as well.  We're currently
restructuring WSM a bit to facilitate this.

  One point on the Beehive runtime requirements -- we just need a Java
5 VM.  And:

- Ant 1.6+ to use our build tools
- Servlet 2.4 / JSP 2.0 for NetUI

  Longer term, working with Geronimo is definitely something Beehive
is interested in, so what types of integrations would people find
useful?  For example, we'd like to enable Controls inside of OpenEJB.

  From the Geronimo side, how well is the Java 5 VM supported?


On 6/29/05, Stefan Schmidt <> wrote:
> Hi,
> the last couple of weeks I spend quite a bit of time struggeling with
> writing and testing JAX-RPC examples for Geronimo. The major reasons for
> my struggling where:
> - JAX-RPC related complexity (heaps of deployment descrptors for even
> the easiest Web services)
> - insufficient (open source) tool support for 'autogenerating'
> deployment descriptors, configs, mappings etc.
> - a couple of (hopefully minor :-)) bugs within Geronimo (see
> webservices JIRA)
> Today I came across the Apache Beehive project which implements JSR-181
> WS Metadata support. I am aware that Beehive requires Tomcat and Java 5.
> Also I saw this statement by Geir:
> "We are excited that Geronimo users now have easy access to Beehive's
> technology for building SOAs," said *Geir Magnusson Jr*., Apache
> Geronimo project chair. "As evidenced by our acceptance of Apache
> Beehive into the incubator, we see it as a significant step forward in
> helping to make Java enterprise application development easier, giving
> developers state-of-the-art innovations for any Java platform."
> So I was wondering what the current status of the - obviously intended -
> integration/support of Beehive in Geronimo is? Is it worth for me to
> research and test a little with Beehive assuming that we can see Beehive
> support withing Geronimo sometime in the near future?
> Best regards,
> Stefan Schmidt

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