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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Deployment Dependencies
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:17:02 GMT

On Jun 27, 2005, at 11:03 AM, Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Two separate issues here:
> For the first one I would also separate the DConfigBeans from the 
> -builder modules. As we found before, they are used in totally 
> separate parts of the JSR88 model (configuration vs. build) and there 
> is no need to couple them together.
> Also, the DConfig stuff needs to run in a disconnnected 
> DeploymentManager where the permissions defined by the spec do not 
> support starting a kernel etc. to run the builders. Separating out the 
> DConfig stuff would allow them to run in this mode.
> For the second, one of the reasons we went with two implementations 
> was to allow each to take advantage of advanced features of each web 
> container rather than being constrained by the lowest common 
> denominator. I would suggest the best thing here would be to define a 
> set of common APIs for interfaces between the listeners, the central 
> container and the web applications. Then perhaps there could be a 
> common support infrastructure that supported the LCD but each 
> implementation would be able to specialize as necessary.
> Basically don't force the LCD on everyone.

This sounds good, but so far IIUC we haven't found any differences that 
can be expressed in the web app plan.  Again IIUC, the only difference 
in content currently between jetty and tomcat plans is support for 
virtual host specification in the tomcat plans.  This is supported by 
jetty as well, we just need to add it.  I'd like to see a plausible 
example before discarding the convenience of hypothetical container 
neutral plans.

david jencks

> --
> Jeremy
> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>> All,
>> 	So the JSR-88 DeploymentManager needs to reference the DConfigBeans 
>> of all the module types.  This includes at least:
>>  * Connector Builder
>>  * Jetty Builder
>>  * Tomcat Builder
>>  * OpenEJB Builder
>>  * shared Builders (naming, security, etc.)
>> 	The problem is that right now, the DeploymentManager is in 
>> deploy-tool, the DConfigBeans are in *-builder modules, and the 
>> *-builder modules depend on deploy-tool.  Which of course means that 
>> deploy-tool cannot depend on them.
>> 	So I think we need to:
>>  - Separate the DeploymentManager implementations from deploy-tool, 
>> into a
>>    mini-module that depends on deploy-tool and *-builder.
>>  - Move toward a unified web builder for both Tomcat and Jetty.  I
>>    personally feel that it's mandatory to make the WAR configuration 
>> the
>>    same regardless of which container you happen to have deployed, 
>> and it
>>    also would save us from having two different JSR-88 
>> DeploymentManager
>>    configurations that you have to pick from (presumably based on the
>>    connection URL you provide) depending on which web container you 
>> happen
>>    to want to run on.
>> Aaron

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