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From Peter Nabbefeld <>
Subject Re: How complete is JSR-88 support?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 14:05:03 GMT
Jacek Laskowski schrieb:
> Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
>> Hello,
>> from the wiki, it seems nothing has changed since 2005-03-22 05:39:00 
>> (obviously the roadmap hasn't been updated since then) ;-) .
>> So just my question: Is JSR-88 support complete? And what about the 
>> others? From the dev mailing list, I'd guess Geronimo is almost 
>> complete, so what (other than certification) is incomplete yet?
> Hi Peter,
> Well, I'm just investigating the current status of Geronimo JSR88 
> support as I'm developing a NetBeans serverplugins module.

I'm very happy about that :-) :-) :-) !!!

I've just been looking around for some information about how to 
integrate geronimo myself, but I've not yet digged into geronimo (seems 
still not stable, documents about status are outdated etc. As I've not 
yet used J2EE, it would be horrible to do that). In addition I'd to dig 
into the j2ee module, which seems also not to have a stabilized api yet.

Just as I've said: I'm very happy that You're doing this work!

Kind regards

Peter Nabbefeld

> NetBeans IDE 
> already comes with several app servers and I decided to add Geronimo as 
> well. I couldn't long settle on which Rich Client Platform to pick up to 
> develop the module and after some rather general evaluation I decided to 
> go with NetBeans RCP. I must admit I very liked the announcement that 
> Eclipse has its own Geronimo plugin, too.
> As far as I understand Geronimo JSR88 support, there're some parts of 
> JSR88 which aren't yet available. Most of the operations throws 
> Unsupported operation or something alike. I'm going to start a thread 
> about how much impact it might have on the current certification work so 
> I'm happy I'm not alone who's interested in it :)
> As far as the NetBeans module (NBM) is concerned, it's not yet announced 
> here (and actually anywhere else but NetBeans nbj2ee mailing list) as I 
> don't actually know when it is going to be finished. At the moment, the 
> module adds a Geronimo instance (downloaded or built from sources), once 
> started up (it's mocked up at the moment to make sure I'm not distracted 
> with Geronimo itself) it prints out available configurations, sets up 
> one as default to be started up the next time. The last piece of the 
> puzzle is to have modules deployed using DeploymentManager. I'm not yet 
> using Geronimo's JMXDeploymentManager due to some class libraries 
> constraints on my part. That's why I can't say exactly what's missing.
> Well, it's great you've asked about it - I should've written about it 
> long ago, esp. having noticed Eclipse WDT support for Geronimo. It looks 
> there're two IDEs which are heading towards the same goal, so sooner or 
> later Geronimo DeploymentManager will surely be complete. Stay tuned.
>> Peter Nabbefeld
> Jacek

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