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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Deployment Dependencies
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 22:53:02 GMT
On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> Have we actually looked for differences? For example, I'm not a Tomcat 
> expert but I know there are applications out there that use custom 
> Valves which is a Tomcat specific implementation.

	It seems to me there are two possibilities.  One is to encourage
GBean-level configuration instead of deployment plan configuration for
uncommon features.  The other is to provide more generic expansion
elements in the deployment plan, so it gets a little uglier beyond the
standard features, but is still possible (you know, with
"web-container-param name=foo value=bar" or whatever).  If someone can
compile a list of those cases, we can think through which way to handle
them.  But I don't think this should hold up the Tomcat/Jetty plan
unification.  I'm definitely not willing to hold it up just in case Greg 
thinks up something incompatible in a future version of Jetty -- that's 
pretty silly IMHO.


> It could well be that we can support all useful Jetty and Tomcat 
> features using one implementation. With clear interfaces in place, this 
> can just be the LCD implementation; however, we still have the 
> opportunity to support more advanced, unshared features through 
> specialization of this. Let's not lose that.
> That may be based on the LCD implementation but may also be different - 
> for example, Greg is re-architecting Jetty for V6 and who knows how that 
> will be integrated.

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