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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: [OT] Spring and Geronimo
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 23:37:52 GMT
On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, someone wrote:
> > Is Geronimo ready for prime time, like JBoss, or is that a while off? 
> <flamebait>Unlike JBoss, yes</flamebait>

	WTF?  Look, I definitely don't want to start that kind of
attitude.  If we're going to compete with any other app server, it has to
be on its merits.  I think a superficial examination shows this comment to
be total bullshit.  JBoss is certified, has actual releases, and supports
major features that Geronimo doesn't.  Geronimo embodies some good ideas
and some good code, but IMHO it's nowhere near competing with any app

	I would like to be there.  I think we're making great progress.  
But really, we have a ways to go.  Let's not start with insults we're not 
prepared to back up!

	So I'm pretty sure the comment was pure humor, but I think it's
all to easy to take out of context, and we'd be better off leaving the
"hot air" to others.

	In any case, a pretty important fact was left out of this reply --
namely that Geronimo has not yet reached a 1.0 release, and the most
recent milestone release (7 months ago?) has some *serious* flaws.  Our
"unstable" releases and SVN code are pretty good, and probably even "very
good" in areas like the web container, but still lack key functionality
and ease of use features.  I would definitely recommend that people check
out an unstable build if they're interested, but I personally wouldn't
recommend that anyone plan to use it for serious work yet.  But back to
the original poster, if you look at the road map thread that's been going
on recently, you can see some of the things we think are missing, and
consider for yourself how important those things are to you.


P.S. Let's add a page to the web site listing companies providing support
for Geronimo.  It does add credibility, they deserve the publicity, and it
would prevent needless plugs on the mailing list.

> <plug>You can even get support</plug>
> > By the way, thanks for these helpful responses.  Very much
> > appreciated.  Also, does Geronimo like JBoss incorporate a web
> > container/server like Tomcat or does Geronimo do it all?
> > 
> There are both Jetty and Tomcat based implementation of the web 
> container service. These use other Geronimo services such as 
> transactions, security, database pooling, ...
> --
> Jeremy

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