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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: JMS References
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 02:29:39 GMT
	Shoot, I think I got one thing backward.  It looks like ActiveMQ 
requires a destionation name and destination type for its ActivationSpec, 
which means an MDB will always need to specify its destination name and 
type in either the ejb-jar.xml or the openejb-jar.xml.  So I should have 
phrased my second problem all the way at the bottom as "what happens if 
you specify a message-destination-link in your message-driven 
configuration?  Is it just ignored?  Or do we 'magically' pass that data 
through to the correct fields of the ActiveMQ ActivationSpec?"


On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> 	Well, I thought we just worked this out on IRC, but now I'm not 
> convinced.  So I'm going to try to restate the situation here, and point 
> out a few problems.  David J, please take a close look at this, but 
> everyone's input is welcome.
> Scenario:
>  - 1 connector (ActiveMQ)
>  - 2 instances (let's say "vanilla" and "priority")
>  - 2 admin objects (let's say "topic" and "queue")
> common ActiveMQ RAR: ra.xml
>  - declares ActiveMQ RA, including outbound-RA
>  - declares Topics and Queues as available admin objects
> standalone: my-destinations.xml (a geronimo-connector_1_5.xsd document)
>  - points to the above RAR
>  - declares outbound instance "vanilla" (pool size 5)
>  - declares outbound instance "priority" (pool size 100)
>  - declares Topic "topic", with PhysicalName "SomeTopic"
>  - declares Queue "queue", with PhysicalName "SomeQueue"
> EJB JAR: ejb-jar.xml
>  - declares session bean "MyService"
>    - includes resource-ref "vanillaconnection"
>    - includes resource-ref "priorityconnection"
>    - includes message-destination-ref "ejb-topic"
>      - includes message-destination-link "topic"
>    - includes message-destination-ref "ejb-queue"
>      - NO message-destination-link
>  - declares message-driven bean "TopicMDB"
>    - includes message-destination-link "topic"
>  - declares message-driven bean "QueueMDB"
>    - delares that it requires a javax.jms.Queue
>    - NO message-destination-link
>  - declares message-destination "topic"
>    - implicitly mapped to the named admin object "topic"
>  - declares message-destination "queue"
>    - implicitly mapped to the named admin object "queue"
> --------------
> Alright, here's where we stand, as far as I can tell:
>  - No JMS stuff should be working!
>    - MyService/ejb-topic is mapped to an admin object
>    - MyService/ejb-queue is not mapped to an admin object
>    - MyService/vanillaconnection is not mapped to an RA
>    - MyService/priorityconnection is not mapped to an RA
>      (since neither connection factory is mapped, it doesn't matter
>       whether the destination refs are mapped, since there's nothing
>       to connect to)
>    - TopicMDB is mapped to an admin object with no RA
>    - QueueMDB is not mapped to an admin object and also has no RA
>      (since neither MDB is mapped to an RA there's nothing to connect
>       to to get messages yet)
>  - The missing links must be resolved in openejb-jar.xml
> --------------
> EJB JAR: openejb-jar.xml
>  - Session Bean "MyService"
>    - Reference "ejb-topic" is already mapped to an admin object; nothing
>      is required here
>    - Reference "ejb-queue" cannot be mapped to admin object
>      - There are no elements available to resolve a 
>        message-destination-ref!
>    - Reference "vanillaconnection" is mapped to the "vanilla" RA instance
>    - Reference "priorityconnection" is mapped to the "priority" RA
>  - MDB "TopicMDB"
>    - This MDB is mapped to the "priority" RA instance
>    - There is no need to identify an admin object, since the link in 
>      ejb-jar.xml linked this to "topic"
>  - MDB "QueueMDB"
>    - This MDB is mapped to the "vanilla" RA instance
>    - It is not possible to identify an admin object for this EJB!
>  - Destination "topic" and destination "queue" cannot be resolved or
>    overridden here.  They either match based on the name provided in
>    ejb-jar.xml, or things get hairy.
> --------------
> So it looks like the session bean stuff is broken in that it's not
> possible to point a message-destination-ref to an admin object
> (Destination).  I think we should provide a message-destination-ref in the
> geronimo-naming schema, and include it in the
> openejb-jndiEnvironmentRefsGroup in the OpenEJB schema -- and it should
> have the same content as the resource-env-ref type.  There is a workaround
> (use the resource-env-ref instead of message-destination-ref in
> ejb-jar.xml in the first place), but as far as I can tell it's possible
> that a valid ejb-jar.xml (message-destination-ref with no
> message-destination-link) will not be able to be deployed in Geronimo.
> It looks like the MDB stuff is broken in that it's not possible to point
> an MDB to an admin object if that was left out of ejb-jar.xml (if there
> was no message-destination-link).  Perhaps the idea is to include the
> destination name in the activation-config properties?  But if so, what
> happens if the value in there contradicts the message-destination-link
> (both of which may be specified in ejb-jar.xml)?  Perhaps the MDB data
> should include an optional message-destination element with contents that
> are the same as the resource-env-ref, in case no destination was selected 
> in ejb-jar.xml?
> Finally, it's still possible that there's a "topic" admin object defined
> in more than one place (in the current app as well as at the top level, or
> at the top level in two different RA deployment plans, or whatever,
> pointing to two diferent PhysicalName destinations).  If that is the case,
> there's no way to narrow down which "topic" admin object (and this which
> physical topic) is referred to by the "topic" message-destination named in
> ejb-jar.xml.  Likewise, if two EJB JARs both name a message-destination
> called "topic", there's no way to force them to point to two different
> physical topics (we'll try to map them both to a single admin object).  I 
> think it would be valuable to allow you to resolve a message-destination 
> in openejb-jar.xml, again using the same content as a resource-env-ref.
> I'm happy to enter JIRA issues for these, but I'd like someone to look
> over this whole thing and let me know if there's something I'm overlooking
> or whatever.
> Thanks,
> 	Aaron

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