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Subject Re: [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "Building" by Francis
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2005 03:22:00 GMT
I think the information on the building page is mostly related to issues 
whilst building.  I don't think it should be moved to a single FAQ as I'm 
sure there will be FAQs on lots of different topics (other than building) 
and a single FAQ would get out of hand.

Maybe we can restructure the information so we don't have too much one one 
page.  For example, have a page about required build (pre-requisites) 
tools and how to set them up (e.g. IDEs, svn firewall proxy info).  We 
could move some of the build troubleshooting into separate pages.. maybe a 
page for maven, a page for diagnosing/troubleshooting tests.

It would be nice if a developer not familiar with svn & maven can build 
geronimo without having to go to multiple web sites to find how to invoke 
and configure tools for a standard geronimo build.

I don't think we should be removing information, as some of the tips were 
most likely the result of someone spending hours troubleshooting or 
learning how to use a tool.


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Jacek Laskowski <> wrote on 25/06/2005 10:07:43 AM:

> Apache Wiki wrote:
> > The following page has been changed by Francis:
> >
> > 
> > 
> >   In the subversion install folder, you would find a file svn-
> proxy-template.reg. Edit this file, to include your proxy configuration. 

> > 
> >   For example, entries can be like 
> > + {{{
> >   "http-proxy-host"=""
> I wonder whether or not we should include every configuration tip about 
> tools that might be used around Geronimo. I think, if we start 
> collecting the tips Wiki will soon be very unreadable, which instead of 
> helping people will confuse them more.
> What do you think, should we include such information in Wiki like the 
> one just added? Perhaps, it could be included in the FAQ page, but I 
> don't see fit in the Building.
> Jacek

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