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Subject Geronimo XDoclet module contribution
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 05:54:26 GMT
Aarons "So I'm working on..." mail prompted me to get this discussion 

In December 2004 I did done some work on XDoclet 1.2.2 support for 
Geronimo EJBs but did not get around to contributing it.  Currently it 
supports the generation of the openejb-jar.xml file for session and 
message-driven beans.

I would like to discuss where the most appropriate place to contribute the 
Geronimo XDoclet plugin code would be.

Should we:

1. Maintain & Develop the it under the Geronimo project (incorporating it 
into the Geronimo build process).

Benefits: The XDoclet support is maintained by the Geronimo developers and 
is kept in sync with Geronimo.  Possibility to respond quicker to bugs - 
users don't have to wait for the next XDoclet release to include the bug 
fixes.  Could use Maven to download XDoclet and the appropriate version of 
the Geronimo plug-in

Disadvantages: The development of XDoclet v1.x modules is usually done 
under the XDoclet project and when a version of XDoclet is released, it 
includes modules for the different app servers.  This would mean if a user 
grabbed the next version of XDoclet v1.x it would not automatically 
include support for Geronimo.  For example, for an Xdoclet 1.2.3 release, 
the user would have to copy the file xdoclet-geronimo-1.2.3.jar to their 
XDoclet lib directory. 

2.  Maintain & Develop it under the XDoclet project -

Benefits: The Geronimo module would automatically be included in future 
versions of XDoclet and its documentation would be shown on the XDoclet 
web site.  Note: there is a bunch of modules (@soap, @struts, @axis, 
@tapestry) grouped under "apache" on the XDoclet site

Disadvantages: Higher chance that the XDoclet module won't be maintained 
properly (e.g. Geronimo is enhanced, but nobody remembers to add support 
for the enhancement to the XDoclet plug-in).  Not possible to have 
multiple versions of the Geronimo XDoclet module (e.g. a version for each 
milestone build or release of Geronimo).  This does not sound practical 
considering Geronimo's configuration has not yet stabilised and is likely 
to evolve further.  Unknown schedule for XDoclet releases.

Further work required
the following contributions/help by others are welcome :-) :

- Incorporate support for recent additions to Geronimo's configuration xsd 
- Improvements to the Geronimo XDoclet tag documentation
- web support
- entity beans support
- GBeans support
- Testing with XDoclet support in Eclipse WTP and other IDEs
- Improving the documentation in Geronimo's xsd configuration files to aid 
users diagnosing problems.


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