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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Geronimo support for Eclipse Web Tools?
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 17:18:19 GMT
On Jun 2, 2005, at 2:07 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> Has anyone tried the Geronimo support for Eclipse Web Tools (http:// 
> I would appreciate and I'm sure the web tools team would appreciate  
> any feedback we can give this. I think having great tooling like  
> this will really help drive the adoption of Geronimo.  So, please  
> try it out and let us know what you think.  Hopefully, in the long  
> run we can have a bit of cross pollination between the Eclipse and  
> Geronimo communities :)

After reading this over again it just "reeks" of IBMness, and as most  
of you know I'm a now an IBM employee.  So to be extra careful to not  
give people the wrong impression....  What I'm really concerned about  
is that the tool is being developed without the involvement of the  
Geronimo community itself, so we may end up with "the geronimo tool"  
that none of us want to use.  Unless we get involved we will get what  
they give us.

BTW, I use IntelliJ so I really haven't tried it myself :)


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