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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Memory leaks
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 01:46:57 GMT
The other day I started to see OutOfMemory errors, so after a few  
hours of poking around with YourKit, I found the two big leaks.

The first one I found was caused by the GBean reference object  
registering a listener with the lifecycle monitor and never  
unregistering it.  Since the reference holds on the the GBeanInstance  
we never could collect a GBeanInstance that had a reference (most  
do).  This doesn't mean we were leaking instance of the actual  
service objects, but the GBeanInstance object does hold on to a lot  
of data.

The second leak we have is a leak of class loaders due to the  
following two causes:

1) Commons logging 1.0.4
The LogFactory retains a hard reference to the class loader.  I  
believe this has been addressed in the next version which is version  
just in alpha now.

2) Context class loader of a pooled thread
We need to clear the context class loader before putting threads back  
in a pool.  The context class loader should always be cleared after  
being set in a try/finally block, but in some cases they are not.   
BTW, this is not always a pool, the sun orb keeps a hard reference to  
a thread it uses for reading from a socket.

I don't fix the class loader leak right now (due to commons logging),  
but we should at least start to clear the context when reinsert a  
into a pool.


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