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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: what to do
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 19:37:14 GMT
On Jun 15, 2005, at 3:49 AM, Yoseph Widjaya wrote:

> Hi again
> I would like to build the core of geronimo actually.
> Don't interested in any plugins or any external part
> basically. But I really interested in building EJB
> server, JSP/servlet, JMS, or probably JMX basically
> core J2EE container

On Jun 15, 2005, at 8:25 PM, Yoseph Widjaya wrote:

> Yes I would like to contribute inside the spec
> OpenEJB, JSP/Servlet,  probably web service as well

One thing to keep in mind is that Geronimo is an assembly of many  
open source projects inside and outside apache.  All of the projects  
are made up of nice people that would welcome you help.  Here are  
links to projects based on the areas you mention:

EJB server:

JSP/servlet - we integrate two JSP/servlet solutions, Jetty and  
Tomcat.  The integration code is in Geronimo and but bulk of the web  
server code is in either of the projects.

Core J2EE container - I guess that would mainly be security,  
transaction manager, connector architecture, and maybe the geronimo  
component architecture.  All of those are stuff handled in the  
Geronimo code base itself.

I suggest you narrow your focus a bit.  The areas you listed  
represent about 80% of the libraries included in geronimo, so it is  
bit difficult to connect you with someone.  If there is one specific  
area you are interest in, I suggest you contact that group on their  
mailing list or if it is a Geronimo code base, tell us which one.

Now for how to get involved... I normally suggest that someone new to  
the project, simply start by attempting to get an existing  
application running on the server.  This will help you get a grasp  
how Geronimo is structured and will help you quickly find out what is  
broken :)  Once you find something that is broken, post a bug report,  
ask about the bug on the dev list, and start working on a fix.  Once  
you have fixed a couple of bugs, I'm sure you'll know exactly where  
you want to be involved :)

For example, Jeff is actively looking for people to try to get  
applications to run on our embedded Tomcat server.  I'm sure you will  
find stuff there to help with.


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