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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Geronimo-Beehive integration/support plans
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:50:42 GMT
Thanks Eddie and Jeremy for the information. So I gather that Beehive is 
currently not supported due to the VM restraints. I hope that this is 
going to change soon :-).

Eddie: I think that since Geronimo is looking at full J2EE 1.4 
compliance JAX-RPC is definetely the way to go here, but I am not a 
specialist in Geronimo matters. Is Beehive currently able to generate 
all JAX-RPC required artefacts such as:

    * a WSDL document
    * a JAX-RPC mapping file
    * a Web service descriptor file (webservices.xml)

Also, does Beehive currently support both, EJB endpoints and JAX-RPC 
service endpoints (witch reside in front of a servlet or POJO)? What 
about Web services that make usage of more complex structures such as 
JavaBeans or Arrays of JavaBeans, binary attachments and WS-Security - 
does Beehive support these (more advanced) features as well? I am 
especially looking for the auto-generation of JAX-RPC mapping files in 
this case because they tend to become quite complex when using those 


Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Eddie ONeil wrote:
>>   From the Geronimo side, how well is the Java 5 VM supported?
> Right now it isn't due to issues with CORBA. We hope to fix this soon.
> -- 
> Jeremy

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