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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Geronimo-Beehive integration/support plans
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 11:33:50 GMT

the last couple of weeks I spend quite a bit of time struggeling with 
writing and testing JAX-RPC examples for Geronimo. The major reasons for 
my struggling where:

- JAX-RPC related complexity (heaps of deployment descrptors for even 
the easiest Web services)
- insufficient (open source) tool support for 'autogenerating' 
deployment descriptors, configs, mappings etc.
- a couple of (hopefully minor :-)) bugs within Geronimo (see 
webservices JIRA)

Today I came across the Apache Beehive project which implements JSR-181 
WS Metadata support. I am aware that Beehive requires Tomcat and Java 5.

Also I saw this statement by Geir:
“We are excited that Geronimo users now have easy access to Beehive's 
technology for building SOAs,” said *Geir Magnusson Jr*., Apache 
Geronimo project chair. “As evidenced by our acceptance of Apache 
Beehive into the incubator, we see it as a significant step forward in 
helping to make Java enterprise application development easier, giving 
developers state-of-the-art innovations for any Java platform.”

So I was wondering what the current status of the - obviously intended - 
integration/support of Beehive in Geronimo is? Is it worth for me to 
research and test a little with Beehive assuming that we can see Beehive 
support withing Geronimo sometime in the near future?

Best regards,

Stefan Schmidt

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