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From Rickard Öberg <>
Subject Re: [picocontainer-dev] Re: ClassLoader Architecture
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 15:27:27 GMT
Paul Hammant wrote:
> Comp A and B (in separate classloaders) can see Common-API, which can 
> see the classloader that contains PicoContainer who's parent is the 
> classes in rt.jar

One thing that I have whined about before, and I'm not sure whether it's 
been fixed yet, is that a component A needs to be able to have an 
internal structure (component!=1 object) and it needs to be able to 
expose API implementations to other components without having to expose 
its own internal structure. In the discussions so far I have not seen 
mention of this problem (but maybe I have simply missed it).

I have my own solution for fixing this, but I am wondering if a more 
standard solution to this is available? (now or later) My own solution 
is more of a best-practice use of Pico rather than an extension, and if 
anyone is interested I can describe it in more detail.

It really is a big big big issue once you get either loads of components 
or large components. We have both cases in our system right now.


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