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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: [OT] Spring and Geronimo
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 13:59:45 GMT

Michael McGrady wrote:
> My understanding is that Geronimo is a state-of-the-art somewhat
> classic J2EE framework.  My understanding also is that Spring is a
> somewhat different approach, moving away from Enterprise Java Beans.
> If one is merely interested in JMS, is there any reason to prefer a
> framework like Geronimo to Spring, given that my understanding is
> correct?  If my understanding is not correct, would you please
> straighten me out?  Thanks.
> Michael McGrady


Spring is not "moving away from Enterprise Java Beans".  That is a huge 
misnomer.  Spring embraces J2EE, including EJBs as it has a complete API 
to do so.  Spring is an API that is very useful and helpful to 
developers throughout the J2EE arena and beyond.  So Spring can and 
should be used with Geronimo, definately not as a replacement.


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