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From Neal Sanche <>
Subject Re: Best way to 'auto deploy'?
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 06:50:20 GMT
Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Jun 9, 2005, at 6:10 PM, Neal Sanche wrote:
>> Hi Dain, and David,
>> Well, I'm not as experienced with Maven as I am with Ant, so that  
>> may be the reason for my question. I will definitely give the topic  
>> a look, and read through the maven plugin source code when I have  
>> time to see what it's doing. Thanks for the pointers.
> It is great to have you back!

Definitely good to be back, thanks.

>> I am doing some in depth learning of what has occurred in Geronimo  
>> since my attention span slipped sometime last year. I've written  and 
>> deployed my first very small JSP application with JDBC  connector, 
>> and was able to do a database query and print some  results. So, 
>> being encouraged by that I decided to understand more  about the 
>> deployer, and hence my question.
> Nice.  If you get some time, it would be cool to add your sample code  
> to the wiki so others can try it out.

Well, as it happens, I was hired to write an article on getting a JSP 
application running with Geronimo for IBM. It'll be appearing there soon 
(when drafts and so on are completed). I'll definitely post a link so it 
can be wikified. I'm currently working on my next article, and it's 
turning out to be somewhat ambitious, I think. My previous post hinted 
at the fact that I'm trying to get a recent Struts working inside 
Geronimo, and I'm working through all of the details to build the 
application from XDoclet, I have to show at least one EJB (I'm trying to 
get a CMP and a SLSB running... Here's what I'm doing in brief:

Maven is doing XDoclet processing of a couple of EJBs, and some Struts 
actions, and producing an ejb-jar, a .WAR, and bundling those inside an 
.EAR file. I've got deployment plans embedded for all of the modules, 
but I found that the .WAR one isn't really necessary right now. Anyway, 
I'm able to get Maven to start and stop and undeploy and deploy the 
.EAR. That seems to be working very well, much better than my old ANT 
script, that's for sure.

Well, once the application is deployed, I can hit some of the pages, 
which use many Struts taglib tags, and they work. But, as mentioned in 
my other recent post, I'm having some difficulties with class resolution 
for a couple of the classes inside the WEB-INF/classes directory. Very 
strange, still trying to track that one down. I may end up simplifying 
the application and leaving Struts out for now so I can move forward. 
But, I'd rather not do that if I can figure out why it's not happy.

>> I'm pretty sure my server was running the RuntimeDeployer  
>> configuration, but since I am new to your deployment plan based  
>> deployer, I may have done something that caused it not to be there  
>> for a while when I was seeing the problems. I guess it's the price  
>> paid for extreme modularity, so only experience can help me  
>> (definitely not a fault).
> Please don't lower the bar.  Just because we have a modular structure  
> doesn't mean we need to have a harder to understand server.  For  
> example, I consider the fact that the deployer doesn't complain when  
> the RuntimeDeployer isn't deployed a HUGE bug.  Also when it  
> complains it should say "The org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer  
> configuration is not running in your server.  To start it, simply  
> execute java -jar start org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer".  Or  
> even better, it could say "The org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer  
> configuration is not running in your server.  Would you like to start  
> it now? [N/y]"
> Can you file a bug report on this?

I would, Dain, but it's not doing it anymore.

>> So far I am quite happy to be back. I'll let you know if I have  
>> questions.
> Please do.  We are at the stage where feedback on what is hard to  
> understand, frustrating, or just weird is critical to the success of  
> this project.

Okay, I'll do my best.


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