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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Quick Jetty/Tomcat configuration idea
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:12:14 GMT
Jeff Genender wrote:
>  > Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> Ugly :-) Should work. May run into problems with paths and/or 
>> resolving. What base are the includes relative to (hate it if you had 
>> to be in a specific directory)?
>> We should make sure to include all the plans in the final distribution 
>> (after velocity post-processing for version info).
> The include base in the example was just example...I think 
> there are a few ways to handle it or even rename the included files to 
> not end in xml. ;-)
> Actually I am not sure what is more ugly at this 
> point...commenting/uncommenting all the places to remove Jetty and add 
> Tomcat, or adding a couple of includes, then having only to 
> comment/uncomment 3 places.  Also this would provide for Tomcat to 
> auto-launch since its plan would be a part of the j2ee-server-plan (like 
> Jetty is now) longer needing to specifically start Tomcat from the 
> command line.
> However...this is moot if you have (or are close to having) a 
> configuration builder or we just package up a Tomcat ready 
> j2ee-server-plan.xml/configuration.
> If we weren't close to this, I was going to suggest doing the includes 
> so that users can swap out the web containers completely with a minimum 
> of commenting/uncommenting.  It also places all the Jetty and Tomcat 
> stuff in one location (which may be cleaner to some degree).
> What do you think?

I think it is a step in the right direction. Getting the plans broken 
down will give us a conceptual model of how they go together even if for 
now they end up in one big one.

Supporting separate bundles will mean changes to the configuration 
classloader model (to support something like export/import) which is a 
change I think we need to discuss esp. if we are going to put it in 1.0.

I would suggest packaging up Tomcat as a separate assembly so that we 
can certify both. I think people would want to download one or the other 
and would not really be interested in a hybrid release capable of 
supporting both.


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