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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Quick Jetty/Tomcat configuration idea
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 06:43:27 GMT
 > Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> Ugly :-) Should work. May run into problems with paths and/or resolving. 
> What base are the includes relative to (hate it if you had to be in a 
> specific directory)?
> We should make sure to include all the plans in the final distribution 
> (after velocity post-processing for version info).

The include base in the example was just example...I think 
there are a few ways to handle it or even rename the included files to 
not end in xml. ;-)

Actually I am not sure what is more ugly at this 
point...commenting/uncommenting all the places to remove Jetty and add 
Tomcat, or adding a couple of includes, then having only to 
comment/uncomment 3 places.  Also this would provide for Tomcat to 
auto-launch since its plan would be a part of the j2ee-server-plan (like 
Jetty is now) longer needing to specifically start Tomcat from the 
command line.

However...this is moot if you have (or are close to having) a 
configuration builder or we just package up a Tomcat ready 

If we weren't close to this, I was going to suggest doing the includes 
so that users can swap out the web containers completely with a minimum 
of commenting/uncommenting.  It also places all the Jetty and Tomcat 
stuff in one location (which may be cleaner to some degree).

What do you think?


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