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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (GERONIMO-657) Running configurations not saved on shutdown
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 04:44:35 GMT
Tom McQueeney wrote:
> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> Probably better is to not do this automatically on shutdown at all as 
>> at that time you are not certain that the configurations are actually 
>> good.
>> Instead, how about sending a notification out when the set of 
>> Configurations that are /meant/ to be running changes (e.g. at the end 
>> of a JSR88 start operation) and have the FCL GBean listen for those 
>> notifications and update its state then.
> Jeremy: Thank you for the advice. I can see updating the config.list 
> when a configuration is started or stopped is a better solution. It 
> would allow cleaner server restart after an unexpected shutdown.
> Unfortunately, this better solution involves areas of Geronimo I'm 
> unfamiliar with. I'm still interested in fixing this bug more elegantly, 
> so any advice you can give on where the jsr-88 start (and stop?) 
> operations take place would be appreciated. 

The code is in the deploy-tool module in o.a.g.deployment.plugin.local

> Also, regarding the FCL 
> listening for stop/start events, would this be via a LifecycleListener? 
> The FCL would register for events coming from the 
> PersistentConfigurationList objectname?

Easier perhaps would be to modify the deploy-tool commands to talk to 
the PCL GBean and call started/stopped methods on its interface (or to 
get the List from it, update it and then write it back). These will be 
new ones :-)

The Daemon class allows for multiple PCLs to be present but nothing maps 
configs to lists - seems odd and perhaps could be tidied up.


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