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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: How complete is JSR-88 support?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 11:25:30 GMT
Taking just the JSR-88 bit, the plugin functionality that deals with 
distribution is complete - our deployer itself uses it to distribute, 
start, stop, etc. applications.

The configuration part of the API is not implemented (strictly, we say 
there are no configurable elements which IIRC is also what the RI does) 
so that there is no support for tools trying to build deployment 


Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
> Hello,
> from the wiki, it seems nothing has changed since 2005-03-22 05:39:00 
> (obviously the roadmap hasn't been updated since then) ;-) .
> So just my question: Is JSR-88 support complete? And what about the 
> others? From the dev mailing list, I'd guess Geronimo is almost 
> complete, so what (other than certification) is incomplete yet?
> Kind regards
> Peter Nabbefeld

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