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From Thierry Templier <>
Subject Re: Integration of Geronimo modules (Tx / JCA) in Spring
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:10:34 GMT

Thanks to your hints, we finally made work the
transaction and connector modules of Geronimo with the
support of JCA in Spring.
Thanks a lot for your help!!

> I'll try to describe briefly what's going on here,
> but it's a somewhat  
> complicated subject and I've probably forgotten a
> few details.
> The J2CA spec requires us to support the following
> (IMO ridiculous)  
> scenario:
> call into EJB A with user x
> A acquires connection with login based on x (such as
> same name, or  
> maybe some group name)
> On method exit, A does not close connection but
> keeps it
> call into EJB A with user y
> the connection saved in A must still be usable, but
> must now be  
> attached to a physical connection based on y.
> In order to keep track of stuff like this, we have
> an InstanceContext.   
> The (ejb, servlet, app client, ...)  container
> framework is required to  
> register the appropriate instance context with the  
> ConnectionTrackingCoordinator before allowing the
> call into the  
> instance object.  This is done e.g. in the jetty
> module  
> InstanceContextBeforeAfter and in openejb's  
> ConnectionTrackingInterceptor.
> If you want to support holding connections open over
> method calls, you  
> should find a way to install such an instance
> context before control  
> gets to the implementation object.  If not, lets
> talk about removing  
> this requirement for use of the geronimo j2ca
> framework.

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