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From Sing Li <>
Subject Re: [OT] Spring and Geronimo
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 14:05:04 GMT
Geronimo is a SERVER container with open doors to host

any services or development frameworks.

Spring is a DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK with an attitude ;)

You do not have to make a choice, they are not
mutually exclusive. In fact, they are extremely

Today, you can already run your own Spring 
applications on Geronimo; leveraging the 
ActiveMQ JMS server implementation "inside" 
Geronimo, perhaps.

In the not too distant future, you may actually 
see (part of) Geronimo running on Spring.

Pick Spring!  Choose Geronimo!  :-D

- Sing

--- Michael McGrady <> wrote:

> My understanding is that Geronimo is a
> state-of-the-art somewhat
> classic J2EE framework.  My understanding also is
> that Spring is a
> somewhat different approach, moving away from
> Enterprise Java Beans. 
> If one is merely interested in JMS, is there any
> reason to prefer a
> framework like Geronimo to Spring, given that my
> understanding is
> correct?  If my understanding is not correct, would
> you please
> straighten me out?  Thanks.
> Michael McGrady

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