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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Geronimo-Beehive integration/support plans
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 00:27:44 GMT

Beehive contains an implementation of JSR181 based on Axis. It does
not do any of the J2EE stuff like JSR 109. Am still confused on what
exactly you need. WSS4J does implement WS-Security for use with Axis.
Binary attachments are already in Axis. We have some code in EWS
project that can generate axis wsdd given a jaxrpc mapping file (and
maybe a bunch of ther related things as well). Please explain in
simple terms what you are looking for. Example: we have POJO's that
needs to be exposed as web services, we may need to deploy the code
independent of the soap stack used internally in any J2EE container


On 6/29/05, Stefan Schmidt <> wrote:
> Thanks Eddie and Jeremy for the information. So I gather that Beehive is
> currently not supported due to the VM restraints. I hope that this is
> going to change soon :-).
> Eddie: I think that since Geronimo is looking at full J2EE 1.4
> compliance JAX-RPC is definetely the way to go here, but I am not a
> specialist in Geronimo matters. Is Beehive currently able to generate
> all JAX-RPC required artefacts such as:
>     * a WSDL document
>     * a JAX-RPC mapping file
>     * a Web service descriptor file (webservices.xml)
> Also, does Beehive currently support both, EJB endpoints and JAX-RPC
> service endpoints (witch reside in front of a servlet or POJO)? What
> about Web services that make usage of more complex structures such as
> JavaBeans or Arrays of JavaBeans, binary attachments and WS-Security -
> does Beehive support these (more advanced) features as well? I am
> especially looking for the auto-generation of JAX-RPC mapping files in
> this case because they tend to become quite complex when using those
> features.
> Stefan
> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> > Eddie ONeil wrote:
> >
> >>   From the Geronimo side, how well is the Java 5 VM supported?
> >>
> >
> > Right now it isn't due to issues with CORBA. We hope to fix this soon.
> > --
> > Jeremy
> >

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