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From "Matt Hogstrom" <>
Subject Wild idea ?
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 02:47:31 GMT
I'm not sure about how many folks are travelling to Java One but for those who are going and
are adventurous at heart I thought I'd throw out a suggestion that we get a group together
to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and yell Geronimo ;-)

I grew up in Southern California and had the opportunity to skydive in Parris Valley and had
an awesome time.  I did Accelerated Free Fall (2 jumps) and it was excellent.  I did a little
research and found a place located about an hour North of San Francisco that offers three
types of sky diving opportunities.  The first is a Tandem jump where you jump out of the plane
strapped to a person who is hopefully more knowledgable than youself about pulling the chute
and landing.  The second is called Accellerated Freefall and takes about 6 hours of instruction.
 You jump with two experienced folks hanging on to you and you pull your own rip cord and
guide yourself down 4500 feet to the ground.  The final option is a static line pull where
you jump out all by yourself at 3000 feet and the chute is pulled right when you jump.  You
don't get a good 40 seconds of freefall but for many 4 seconds may be all they like ;-)

Anyway, if anyone is interested you can ping me offline and if we get a small group of folks
I'll pull together the logistics for sometime during Java One.  The various otions vary in
expense but the website didn't have prices.  The most economical would be tandem or static
and definitely the faster of the options.

Put your eyeballs back in your head, take a deep breath, and say, Geeeerrrrrooooonnnnniiiiiimmmmmmooooooooooo

- Matt
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