Yes -- I see that, based on the photo, Geronimo will be just out of site or not all that visible to customers.  :-)

But, what if Geronimo/Joe performs better, scales better, and remains easier to use than Websphere?  Maybe it has a future beyond SMBs (small to medium businesses).

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
The answer is here:
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Date: 05/10/05 15:33:28
Subject: Re: IBM buys Gluecode
  But the question is, in the photo below, which one is Dain?  :)
On Tue, 10 May 2005, Craig Johannsen wrote:
> Hey!  This is a surprise.  Is this ultimately good for Geronimo?  Will
> IBM's business objectives for Websphere distort or limit the vision of
> the Geronimo project?
> IBM buys Gluecode (ZD Net):
> IBM purchase promotes open source (CIO News):