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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Geronimo M4
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 21:56:32 GMT
	We do have nightly releases that can be downloaded from the web 
site.  However, I agree that a M4 would be nice.  I'd like to release 
documentation targeting M4, and I'm not really keen on claiming it's valid 
for "HEAD on 5/25"...

	I think one of the main things that needs to be done for this is 
to prepare the release notes.  To do that, we need to review all the 
issues in JIRA that have been closed since M3 or that are still open.

	David J, have the build script revisions satisfied your dependency 
concerns so you're no longer opposed to releasing an M4?

	We also need some testing of a proposed M4 build.  Can someone
with the TCK set up plan to run the TCK against the proposed M4 build and
make sure it doesn't do any worse than the otherwise current results?  Or 
is that harder than I realise?  (I'd be willing to do this myself but I'd 
need some help getting the TCK set up)


On Wed, 25 May 2005, Philippe Lamote wrote:

> Hi,
> Browsing through the Geronimo Website, I came across a page "Roadmap"  
> but this was with a perspective to the past, not the future...
> So I was wondering, as M3's been ... half a year now, whether perhaps  
> M4 would come out shortly, and if so, when.
> & Whether it would be a good idea to add a future oriented roadmap in  
> the site as well. Combined with features, this would (amongst others)  
> provide developers with a means to -justified- choose & "lobby" for  
> Geronimo beforehand. (and with an idea to when to join the party)
> I understand people are lobbying to be certified and are reluctant to  
> release smth else beforehand, but for us, developers, it's equally  
> important to get our hands dirty with recent stuff, to be able to  
> play with the goods so that, whenever it indeed becomes fully  
> compliant, we can use it right away in mature and experienced fashion.
> Releasing an M4 asap would allow us to invest in learning curve *now*.
> This is a different matter than being fully compliant, which will  
> give us an official means to justify the choice for G to our hierarchy.
> Remember JBoss: it was not certified for a long time but I don't  
> remember devs not using it for this reason. (& of course afterwards  
> it was easier to justify)
> Best Regards,
> Philippe Lamote
> Belgium

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