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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Serialization Vs. XML
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 23:42:18 GMT
The serialization Vs. XML discussion has been going for almost a week  
now and it doesn't look like we are getting sidetracked into subtle  
(yet important) points, so I'd like to take the oportunity to bring  
this up the the high level were everyone can participate.

 From my perspective I think we have the following issues and positions:

1)  Difficulty of Serialization Vs. XML:

Jeremy: Serialization is just as difficult as XML and has the same  
inherent problems when you upgrade.

Others: XMl is much easier to implement and is much easier to process  
when you upgrade.

2) If serialization is harder and more error prone then XML, is XML  
sufficient to address the configuration of geronimo.

Jeremy: Users expect the level of stability that comes from an  
application that is serializable stable.

Others: Most platforms use XML already so it must be sufficient.

I hope I have not miss represented the discussion.  This is an  
important discussion to every one involved with Geronimo, and I hope  
we can continue this discussion (at a little bit higher level) so  
that more people can participate.


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