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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Module restructure
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 00:44:43 GMT
On 5/30/05, Jeremy Boynes <> wrote:
> Bruce Snyder wrote:
> >
> > There most certainly is tagging in SVN. Albeit the concept of tagging
> > in SVN is very different from CVS. The same is true for branches in
> > SVN as well. SVN just makes copies of everything because the SVN
> > developers made the assumption that disk space is cheap. This doesn't
> > mean that we can't continue to utilize tagging just the way we have
> > with the mileston releases so far.
> >
> The problem we have currently is that there is no continuity between our
> releases - the APIs, deployment plans, etc. have all changed
> incompatibly between them.  This was fine with milestones; however, when
> we do a production release users need to have confidence that things
> won't break with the next one.
> This is the primary purpose of the stable tree - consider it a major
> branch point where we make sure that applications running on it continue
> to work from release to release. There may be multiple branches inside
> that tree, and multiple tags along each branch, but what we are
> committing to with the tree as a whole is that continuity for users.
> Constrast with the unstable tree where we may want to change APIs,
> schemas or pre-reqs (e.g. JVM level) to add new features that are not
> backwards compatible.
> Yes, this is all just branches but users still need to know which
> branches provide this stability and which do not.

Right. IIUC, you're saying it's not an all or nothing type of strategy
like we have right now. We need a strategy (and a well documented one)
for addressing the new strategy (when we decide what that is).

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