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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Module restructure
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 23:25:35 GMT
Bruce Snyder wrote:
> There most certainly is tagging in SVN. Albeit the concept of tagging
> in SVN is very different from CVS. The same is true for branches in
> SVN as well. SVN just makes copies of everything because the SVN
> developers made the assumption that disk space is cheap. This doesn't
> mean that we can't continue to utilize tagging just the way we have
> with the mileston releases so far.

The problem we have currently is that there is no continuity between our 
releases - the APIs, deployment plans, etc. have all changed 
incompatibly between them.  This was fine with milestones; however, when 
we do a production release users need to have confidence that things 
won't break with the next one.

This is the primary purpose of the stable tree - consider it a major 
branch point where we make sure that applications running on it continue 
to work from release to release. There may be multiple branches inside 
that tree, and multiple tags along each branch, but what we are 
committing to with the tree as a whole is that continuity for users.

Constrast with the unstable tree where we may want to change APIs, 
schemas or pre-reqs (e.g. JVM level) to add new features that are not 
backwards compatible.

Yes, this is all just branches but users still need to know which 
branches provide this stability and which do not.


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