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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Module restructure
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 20:11:51 GMT

This is exactly what we have been aiming for :-)

To a large extent you can already do this today. You can mix-and-match 
the different modules simply by providing a custom configuration plan.

As a concrete example, this is what we did at Gluecode to build the JOE 
SE product which aimed at filling your <VOID>: Servlet + JSP + JMS + 
services such as deployment, transactions and database access.

Geronimo is not a J2EE monolith - it is a collection of system services 
and a kernel to bind them together. What we certify is a J2EE monolith 
because it has to pass *ALL* the CTS tests but that is just one 
assembled form.


Stefan Arentz wrote:
> On May 27, 2005, at 6:07 PM, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> Stefan brings up the question of whether we want to release sub- 
>> modules of Geronimo separately. I think this is a good idea and  would 
>> propose the following restructure of the tree to move in this  direction.
> Let me just explain my motivation a bit, maybe that will also help  for 
> the plan.
> In my original email I said something about not needing all the J2EE  
> stuff. I exaggerated a bit of course, but most of the applications  that 
> I have been writing in the last couple of years are done mostly  with a 
> subset of the whole J2EE umbrella. Some apps were just some  network 
> service wrapped in (JMX) beans, a service exposed with Spring  (Burlap, 
> XML-RPC) other apps were simply a web app backed by a shared  Spring 
> context. I've never needed all the stuff in J2EE.
> So far I've always done this on JBoss. Their MBean stuff works ok,  but 
> I wish it was easier to 'downsize' jboss to just a container with  the 
> stuff I need. That never really seemed to be their goal however.  The 
> complexity of their configuration files shows that.
> So, what I would really like to see wrt Geronimo is an absolute  minimal 
> server with add-on packages for things like a web container,  jms 
> provider, etc. You want to host a web app? Throw in the Tomcat or  Jetty 
> personality. Need JMS too, add ActiveMQ. Persistence? Simply  add a 
> hibernate deployer. Mix and match so that it does what your app  needs.
> This is where Geronimo could shine and even take away a large chunk  of 
> Tomcat; most people just want to deploy their web app and  optionally 
> add some more services without having to understand a full  J2EE stack. 
> Geronimo can fill that void extremely well I think.  (Simple Web 
> Container .. <VOID> .. J2EE Monolith)
> Ok so just complaining doesn't work well for this project, so what I  
> really would like to do is start figuring out how I can give Geronimo  
> 'personalities' for popular combinations of technology. Like,
>  - Geronimo Kernel + Tomcat + JSTL2.0 + Spring + Hibernate
>  - Geronimo Kernel + Web Services
>  - Geronimo Kernel + JMX Enabled custom network service
> and then do some writing about it on the wiki. Make recipes for  people, 
> or even complete packages that are downloadable.
> I really think this is how Geronimo can also get acceptance with a  much 
> larger crowd.
>  S.

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