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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Module restructure
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 16:07:24 GMT
Stefan brings up the question of whether we want to release sub-modules 
of Geronimo separately. I think this is a good idea and would propose 
the following restructure of the tree to move in this direction.

Rather than "trunk" in the root, we have three separate trees:

stable    similar to even-numbered versions of Linux, this tree
           would contain stable code intended for production use
           and operates with a focus on stability (i.e. well
           documented stable APIs, backward compatibility, no
           SNAPSHOT dependencies etc.)
           There will be multiple branches as needed.

unstable  similar to odd-numbered versions this is where new
           development is done and APIs etc. are much more
           likely to change. We may still do releases from here
           but they are quite likely to be incompatible; it may
           be all we package from here are nightlies.

sandbox   as now, a free-for-all area for trying out new ideas
           and experimenting with new technologies

Given the size of the codebase, we need to preserve the module structure 
that we have in the current trunk. However, even now some modules are 
more stable than others (e.g. the transaction and connector ones Thierry 
is looking to use) and I think are in a position where they can be 
versioned separately.

With the structure above in place, we can move modules into the stable 
or unstable trees as appropriate. For those that we consider stable 
(e.g. transaction) we can cut numbered releases that people can use 

This will also speed the unstable build as we won't need to check 
SNAPSHOTs for everything all the time.

I would suggest we start on this as part of packaging for M4 and would 
be willing to co-ordinate.


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