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From Dmitriy Kopylenko <>
Subject Re: Integration of Geronimo modules (Tx / JCA) in Spring
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 20:20:01 GMT

> We need the NamedXAResource in order to be able to do recovery.   
> Otherwise there really isn't any way to determine when all the  
> XAResources needed for recovering transactions have been started.

> Note that if you are using the j2ca framework it will register all 
> the  XAResources itself and it already supplies the NamedXAResource 
> wrapper.   Do you have a plausible use case for an application 
> registering a  transaction participant itself rather than relying on 
> framework code?
I guess this detail have been overlooked. I guess we would just need to 
find out how one would "register" (in Spring context), let's say XAPool 
with the Geronimo j2ca framework and let it do the rest e.g. wrap 
XAResources with NamedXAResource wrapper, etc.


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