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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: API and serialization compatibility, was: Build Failure
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 20:22:14 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> 	Okay, well, as long as we've opened this can of worms...
> 	Jeremy, what is your intention WRT editing configurations without
> the server running?  

You know I'm not going to give a short answer to a question like that 
;-) I'm going to move it to another thread.

> For example, let's say you do a default install, but
> do not start the server.  Now you start a different product that binds to
> port 8080.
> 	At this point, I think you'll be unable to start Geronimo due to 
> the port conflict (assuming that J2EE services are enabled).  You're also 
> unable to change the Jetty port without re-installing, and then only if 
> you use the installer rather than a ZIP distribution.  Needless to say, 
> and web-based configuration or management system is also inaccessible.
> 	This certainly seems like a good case for XML based configuration
> state, where you could trivially edit a config file to change the Jetty
> port and *then* start the server.  But it's not the only option.  Do you
> have a vision for some kind of tool that would let you change the server
> configuration while it is not running?  Perhaps something that will let
> you deserialize and edit arbitrary configurations?
> 	I'm also assuming that the end user does not have access to (or 
> substantial knowledge of) the plans used to construct the server in the 
> first place.

I think that's not a good assumption. We should not expect them to be 
hacking XML but reconstructing configurations should be a routine matter 
not a /big thing/. But more in that other thread...


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