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From Tom McQueeney <>
Subject Re: More Tomcat Updates
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 05:31:12 GMT

Thank you for the Tomcat integration work. I look forward to trying out 
the changes.

There's a typo in the comment on line 182 of the new 
j2ee-server-tomcat-plan.xml I'm hoping you could fix:

--- modules/assembly/src/plan/j2ee-server-tomcat-plan.xml	(revision 167861)
+++ modules/assembly/src/plan/j2ee-server-tomcat-plan.xml	(working copy)
@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@

      <!-- Valve -->
-    <! -- Uncomment this section to add a valve chain.  This example 
consists of the Tomcat
+    <!-- Uncomment this section to add a valve chain.  This example 
consists of the Tomcat
            SingleSignOn and AccessLogValve. Notice the dependency that 
chains the FirstValve with the
            SecondValve.  The valves will be added in the order that 
they are chained.
      <gbean name="FirstValve" 


Jeff Genender wrote:
> I have finally implemented the Valve chains to the Tomcat integration 
> and finalized the context configuration.  I would suffice to say Tomcat 
> is pretty much/mostly integrated into Geronimo (short of major testing).
> The context configuration does not use the context.xml file, but uses 
> the geronimo-tomcat.xml file instead.  It is in this file that we do the 
> similar type of setup as you would have in the Tomcat context.xml, but 
> you use gbeans instead.  You may set up context specific valves (in a 
> chain I might add) and set up a custom realm here as well.  This is 
> where you would use/declare the TomcatGeronimoRealm for JACC for your 
> context.
> I will be updating the wiki next with a full description/howto for using 
> Tomcat in geronimo using the GBean configuration paradigm.  The above is 
> just a quick summary.
> After I have completed this I will add on some periphery Tomcat GBean 
> wrapper objects for listeners, etc.
> I encourage folks to kick the tires and give it a spin.

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