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From "Jeremy Boynes" <>
Subject RE: Geronimo JCA
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 12:54:27 GMT

>How do you plan to handle that in general: Do you rather intend to have a
>single Geronimo distribution where everyone can pick components, or release
>the stuff with different packaging for different target scenarios? I'm
>mainly wondering about Geronimo's own code here, not about integrated
>components like JOTM.

The intent behind Geronimo's design has always been to have a set of system service implementations
that can be assembled as needed by different servers. Each of the modules should be reusable
on its (provided its dependencies can be resolved).

We will formally be releasing an assembly of these as a certified J2EE server but others can
easily but together either here or elsewhere.

A concrete example of this is Gluecode (which targeted the web container)
- it would be great to have another targeting the connector framework.


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