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From Stefan Arentz <>
Subject Re: Geronimo M4
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 18:41:32 GMT

On May 26, 2005, at 5:39 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> Hi Philippe,
> We are currently working towards an official release, so thanks for  
> inquiring.  However, in the mean time, you are welcome to download  
> the source and build a latest version for youself.  The source tree  
> will contain the closest-to-M4 version and you should be able to  
> get started using Geronimo with the latest and greatest code.

Would it make sense to split the release into two and have a  
'Geronimo Core (or Kernel)' and 'Geronimo J2EE' part? I would really  
like to start doing some more serious work with Geronimo but I have  
absolutely no interest in a complete J2EE environment. I'm sure there  
are many people in the same situation.

It could also make sense from a PR kind of view; right now it looks  
like the project is stalled ... it has been a long time since an  
official release was made. With a 'Geronimo Core' package that has a  
v1.0.x version number that could change. Perception is reality :-)


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