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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: New Tomcat Changes
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 23:25:44 GMT

On Apr 25, 2005, at 4:07 PM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> I am not sure if we are utilizing this for Jetty...I didn't see a 
> virtual-server style parameter in the geronimo-jetty.xsd.  Perhaps it 
> is somewhere else...which leads me to a discussion we have had in the 
> past...

I think jetty supports virtual hosts but we haven't implemented support 
for it in the geronimo integration.  I can never remember what they are 
:-( but if you remind me I might be able to suggest how to do it.
> I would very much be interested in taking the geronimo-jetty.xml and 
> geronimo-tomcat.xml files and merge them as a common version, such as 
> a geronimo-web.xml...and remove the jetty namespace attributes from 
> the xsd.  This way both containers can surf off the same file....and 
> reuse the xmlbean code. I did not see anything in the xds that was 
> container specific.  If anything is container specific, the builder 
> could ignore the parameter.

+100.  I don't think there is anything jetty specific in the jetty 
module builder.  If you can figure out how to add vhost support that 
can continue to be the case :-)

Were there some JACC requirements about contextID and virtual hosts?

david jencks

> Thoughts?
> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> Jeff Genender wrote:
>>> I also added a Tomcat Builder so we will no longer rely on the Jetty 
>>> version.  The main reason for this is that Tomcat supports virtual 
>>> hosts (declared by additional HostGBean objects in the plan).  The 
>>> web applications can now include a geronimo-tomcat.xml file in the 
>>> WEB-INF file which is very similar to the Jetty version.  The only 
>>> difference is support for the <virtual-server> parameter.  This 
>>> allows you to deploy your web application to a specific virtual 
>>> host.
>> IIRC Jetty has this function as well - can we merge the vhost changes 
>> back into the jetty-builder?
>> -- 
>> Jeremy

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