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Subject Re: question about appropriate behavior when no web services are installed
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 03:45:19 GMT
I am thinking (1).

Some apps would require the web services to be functional from an end user 
point of view, but other apps may have multiple methods of access, web 
services being one of them and may be able to operate with partial 
functionality, but even in this case, it would most likely be impacting 
some end users and we should probably refuse to deploy the app.

This sounds related to


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David Jencks <> 
19-Apr-2005 05:17 AM
Please respond to


question about appropriate behavior when no web services are installed

Due to our modular architecture, we should be able to set up geronimo 
so that it will deploy web apps or ejb modules but not web services.

Assuming we have such a geronimo configuration, what should happen when 
someone tries to deploy a module that does include web services, as 
indicated by a webservices.xml deployment descriptor?

(1) refuse to deploy the app
(2) deploy the non-webservice parts of the app

What should happen when such a module tries to use web services via a 
(1) refuse to deploy the app
(2) deploy the app, but not bind anything for the service ref into jndi.

david jencks

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