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Subject Should J2EE apps be using the SystemDatasource ?
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 13:53:43 GMT
Is the SystemDatasource only intended for the internal use of Geronimo and 
associated components (e.g. Geronimo's "timertasks" table, ActiveMQ's 
tables ) and not intended for direct use by J2EE applications?  I am 
guessing some reasons for this could be:

* safety - we don't want J2EE apps playing with our internal tables or 
have any table name conflicts with J2EE apps
* performance?

Does anyone know of any other tables that will be placed in the 

some notes for future reference...

Geronimo's "timertasks" table creation statements are in 

ActiveMQ's table creation statements are in the getCreateSchemaStatments
(..) method in 


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