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From Mark <>
Subject GBean Last Startup
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 03:16:16 GMT
Hi all,

I have a need to start Geronimo as the root user under Solaris and then 
once it’s started switch the effective user of the process to a user 
with fewer privileges. Part of the requirement is to allow Geronimo to 
startup using ports lower than 1024. Once all the server sockets have 
been created the process user can be switched.

Does the Geronimo kernel have the ability to load a GBean last? I am 
thinking that I could create a GBean to perform the user switch. If this 
GBean was started last, then I would know that Tomcat, Jetty, OpenEJB 
and other server services would have already initialized their server 

Alternatively, I could create a GBean that has a collection or reference 
to other network service GBeans. Once I get this reference, I know the 
kernel has loaded the GBeans, but I may not know their status (started, 
stopped or waiting). I’ve noticed that in GBeanInstance, there is a 
magic attribute to get a GBeans state.

Sound possible or am I way off here?


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