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From Mark <>
Subject Re: GBean Last Startup
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 18:13:09 GMT
David Jencks wrote:

> I may not understand exactly what you are proposing but I think it 
> won't work :-)  When a gbean is started, the constructor is called, 
> all the attributes and references not present as constructor args are 
> set, and doStart() is called before the framework goes on to another 
> gbean.

Ok, thanks for the GBean clarification.  Based on what you've written 
below, I think we are on the same page. :-)

I can see Unix users wanting to have the web server port 80 active.  In 
another thread there was the suggestion of placing the server behind a 
firewall and using port forwarding to the app server.  In my experience, 
we've had customers not wanting to use the firewall port forwarding.  
For now this is not a major issue.

Let me think about this a little more...


> Here's what I think you can do:
> 1. create a gbean that sets the ServerSocketFactory in its 
> constructor.  Include the xml for an instance of this gbean in 
> system-plan.xml.  There isn't really any good way of preventing other 
> stuff from starting if starting this gbean fails, but I don't see why 
> it would fail.  (there is an "anonymous dependency" feature request 
> that would be able to prevent other stuff from starting, but it's not 
> implemented yet)
> 2. jetty etc start, but won't get requests due to your custom 
> ServerSocketFactory
> 3. create a gbean with individual dependencies on each service  that 
> creates a ServerSocket.  It will get started after all these services 
> create their (blocked) ServerSockets.  This gbean can switch users and 
> enable the ServerSockets.
> I'm wondering if at least the gbean for (1) might be of general use?  
> If so, we might want to extend it to a "server socket factory gbean" 
> that you'd call to get a ServerSocket and see if we can modify jetty 
> etc to use it.  I really don't know how useful this would be.  Any ideas?
> thanks
> david jencks

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