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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Should J2EE apps be using the SystemDatasource ?
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 14:46:01 GMT
On 4/18/05, <> wrote:
> Is the SystemDatasource only intended for the internal use of Geronimo and
> associated components (e.g. Geronimo's "timertasks" table, ActiveMQ's
> tables ) and not intended for direct use by J2EE applications?  I am
> guessing some reasons for this could be:
> * safety - we don't want J2EE apps playing with our internal tables or
> have any table name conflicts with J2EE apps
> * performance?
> Does anyone know of any other tables that will be placed in the
> SystemDatasource?
> some notes for future reference...
> Geronimo's "timertasks" table creation statements are in
> geronimo\modules\timer\src\java\org\apache\geronimo\timer\jdbc\
> ActiveMQ's table creation statements are in the getCreateSchemaStatments
> (..) method in
> activemq\modules\core\src\java\org\activemq\store\jdbc\adapter\

I agree that we don't want J2EE apps messing with system related
resources like the SystemDatasource, but I don't know that there is
any manner in which to scope such resources only for use by the kernel
or GBean-wrapped components. Is there any such feature?

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