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From "Jeff Genender" <>
Subject Re: New Tomcat Changes
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 18:02:21 GMT

IMHO, the following is required to finish up Tomcat...

1) The Context GBean object (should be a no brainer).  This is a
placeholder descriptor for predeclaring a Tomcat Context in our plan
(similar to the server.xml).  Then when deploying the TomcatContext
through the deployer, the TomcatContainer will need to marry-up the
deployment with the predeclared Context.

2) The Valve GBean (Another no brainer).  This will allow us to declare
Valves in the plan and have it placed at the (IIRC) Engine, Host, and
Context levels.  This is a near copy of the Engine and Host GBeans, with a
few dependency modifications.

3) A nice default ROOT context that shows a pretty Geronimo/Tomcat web
page, so it does not have a default view of the Catalina configuration
which could be a security issue. (This is a call for any of you Web
layout/ Graphics gurus to produce a polished Geronimo/Tomcat page).

4) Much needed additional unit tests for the deployer and tomcat modules. 
I have manually tested many items (such as SSL), but it would be nice to
have these as unit tests.  The current unit tests apply to JAAS, JACC,
Standard Tomcat execution, and generic deployment.  I would love to see
some more transaction, inital context, root context and JNDI, and virtual
host tests.

5) Clustering?  We could write GBeans to use Tomcat clustering, but I
think that Application Server based clustering is much more appropriate,
so I think this can probably be placed on the back-burner.

Other than this, IMHO, it is pretty much complete.

I can handle 1 and 2...and will probably have these done this week.  I can
use some help on 3 and 4...and get comments on 5.

Also, it would be great to get folks pounding on the Tomcat module and see
what bugs we may have.



> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> I have made some major changes to the Tomcat module that makes it much
>> more viable in Geronimo.
> Wow! Excellent! The list of changes is very impressive. I wish I had
> helped you in them.
> What do you envision is yet necessary to have Tomcat fully integrated?
>> Jeff
> Jacek

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