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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: Change to AxisWebServiceContainer class in axis module?
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 04:04:11 GMT
> I have some pending changes, so it may fail in the meantime.  If it does, just hang tight
till I can get things checked in.

> > And when I tried with the most natural way to get a
> > SOAPService (by parsing axis DD, deploy.wsdd) and run the
> > AxisWebServiceContainer with that SOAP service it failed with
> > NullPointers
> >
> > Any chance to fix it ?
> Well, we are purposely not letting Axis do some of the things it likes
> to do at runtime, like fill in extra data into your FooDesc objects.
> The WSDD file isn't as detailed as a jaxrpc mapping file and Axis will
> typically fill in the required detail at runtime using fairly
> intuitive algorithms.  One example is that the WSDD file isn't able to
> say what method goes with an operation, so Axis will fill that in at
> runtime in a synchronized block the first time the service is invoked.
> After that, you still hit the synchronized block on every call, albeit
> just long enough to see that the "initialized" flag is true and
> return.
> We have all this detail up front and configure our JavaServiceDesc
> objects with more information than the WSDD stuff does and we very
> intentionally do not want Axis changing anything at runtime.  We
> actually have code to stop Axis from doing some of it's usual guess
> work.
cool, that mean we are working on the WSDL  and mapping files direct.
understood the problem and why you give that solution :)

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