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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Executable config construction
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:36:37 GMT
When packaging we currently pass three manifest related parameters to 
the Deployer:
* classPath, used to set up the manifest Class-Path
* mainClass, used for the manifest Main-Class
* endorsedDirs, added as an Endorsed-Dirs attribute used by the Daemon
   class to set the java.endorsed.dirs system property

These are derived from similarly named options on the command line tool 
or properties for the packaging plugin.

These are really aspects of the configuration itself so I would like to 
propose moving their definition into the XML file itself by supporting 
an "executable" element:

<configuration ...>
    <dependency class-path="true">
       <!-- following dependency gets added to MCP -->

Dependencies tagged with "class-path" get added to the Class-Path 
attribute in the manifest (with the prefix prepended); these will be 
loaded by the JVM classloader. We should be able to support other 
dependencies in the future (they are not supported at all now).

Having the dependencies spelt out will cure a couple of issues in 
deployment where the config carfile actually needs to be in the right 
directory structure so that the MCP references work (or where we happen 
to be lucky because the jars happen to be on the deployer's MCP).


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