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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Nightly Releases
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 19:20:24 GMT
This should just be integrated into the maven build

$ maven deploy-release

or something


David Blevins wrote:
> If there are some people with extra time, committer or not, we could *really* use nightly
releases.  Strike that, developers build Geronimo several times daily, it's the community
that needs nightly releases.
> We need a bash, jelly, or even java program that can:
> NIGHTLY-RELEASE (run if build/test passed)
>      checkout current date (cvs) or current rev (svn)
>      (using 48765 as example svn rev for explanation)
>      update the geronimo_version in etc/ to 1.0-48765
>      zip geronimo-1.0-48765 dir into
>      again for tar
>      build with no tests--testing should have already been done.
>      zip modules/assembly/target/geronimo-1.0-48765 dir into
>      again for tar
>      create MD5 files for src/bin tars and zips with openssl
>      again but with SHA instead of MD5
>      create 1.0-48765 dir on nightly release server using ssh
>      copy tar.gz, zip, md5, and sha files into 1.0-48765 using scp
>      publish jars to remote maven repo
>      delete any previous nightly releases over a week old.
> As an added bonus, I actaully had something close once and here it is:
> Ugly as heck.  Someting in java or jelly would be the best option as everyone could maintain
> Maybe we can formally thank the person who get's this done by putting their name in a
THANK_YOU file in every nightly release for a month or on the website for a while.
> -David

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